Roofing repairs can be tricky!  And there are times when “repairing” a roof can actually make matters worse.  Over the years, we have seen some really bad roofing jobs, and even worse attempts at repairing them.  The initial problems can compound dramatically, amounting to exponentially higher time and costs in resolving issues.

There is an art and craft to roofing, and repairs take the skills needed to another level.  Functionally, repairs need to work like a newly applied roof.  Aesthetically, they also need to blend in to roofs that may be faded or worn from weather over time.  This balance can be very difficult.

We enjoy the challenge of roofing repairs.  Western Colorado has some harsh weather conditions that take a toll on roofs.  Repairs are part of that. Installing a roof properly to begin with is number one priority, but damage does happen even when a roof is applied perfectly.  We can help get it back into working order, and help it look like the original too.

We offer high quality, low cost repairs in Grand Junction, Delta, Hotchkiss, Cedaredge, Paonia, Crawford, and all the surrounding areas.  Call us today for a free consultation!