The North Fork Valley of Colorado encompasses the area surrounding Hotchkiss, Paonia, and Crawford Colorado.  This beautiful area is home to many fabulous orchards, farms, ranches, wineries, restaurants, and homes.  

Our company is based in Hotchkiss, Colorado and our team lives in the communities of the North Fork Valley.  Even though we serve customers throughout western Colorado, we take extra pride in knowing that our friends and neighbors continue to choose our company for their roofing needs.

It brings us a great amount of a satisfaction when we hear about the quality work our crew has done and to see the roofs still in great condition after 20 or more years.  Many of the roofs we installed when our company started nearly 40 years ago are still protecting homes today.

One of the things we love about the North Fork Valley is the pleasant seasons throughout the year.  With nearly 3 months each for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter it makes one of the best places to live and enjoy the beautiful scenery in all of Colorado.

The weather can be harsh however and we frequently deal with conditions like strong wind, snow, rain, and the intense effects of UV rays.  This type of weather can wreak havoc on a roof.  The temperature and moisture changes in the area create a very challenging setting for homes and businesses to stay fully protected from the elements.

For this reason the most popular type of roof we install is metal.  Metal roofs hold up exceptionally well in mountain climates – in most cases offering decades of protection for a home or business.  There are a few drawbacks to metal, one of them being that the intense sun tends to fade the paint.  However, there are several products on the market now that resist UV damage and shed rain, sleet, and hail better than others.  We help customers determine the right product for their unique location and budget.

Shingles are also a popular roofing material in the area due to the lower cost and added benefits of a more malleable material.  Shingle roofs are also quiet in heavy rain and can even help insulate a building by holding snow on the roof when designed to sustain snow loads typical to the area.

Whatever the application is, we have the professional knowledge and years of experience to make sure our friends and neighbors in the North Fork Valley are well taken care of.  Let us know the next time you’re considering a roofing project in or around Hotchkiss, Paonia, and Crawford and we will swing by for a free consultation!  970-778-9574