Delta, Colorado is aptly named for it’s location as, not only the outlet of the Gunnison river, but also an intersection between 3 of the main areas in Western Colorado.  Head north to the desert country of Grand Junction, South to the high mountains known as “the Switzerland of America”, and East to the ski country of Aspen, Vail, and Copper Mountain. 

The area is known for it’s vastly changing climate but consistent and pleasant seasons.  With mountain and desert weather all a possibility at different times of the year, the roof of a home or business couldn’t be more important.

We install metal, shingle, slate, tile, and flat roofs in the Delta area.  All of these roofing types can be a great addition to any home or business in the Delta region.  While we do tend to install more shingle roofs than any other type in this area, we do still see some of the southwest tile and mountainous region metal styles also.

When installing a shingled roof it’s important that it’s done by professionals for a number of reasons.  First of all, high winds can easily catch loose shingles, tearing large sections of the roofing material off within seconds.  Our contractors don’t take shortcuts and ensure that every shingle is placed securely on the roof so that they mold together in the sun to make one large weatherproof membrane.

Secondly, water flows in one direction – downhill. If any type of roofing material isn’t placed properly it can create a funnel for water to enter the building.  Roof valley’s and around protrusions, like chimney’s or vents, are known areas for leaks.  Our contractors know the correct materials and techniques to use to ensure that these areas are protected for many years.

Another overlooked area of any type of roof is proper venting.  Roofing materials, like shingles, get very hot at times.  It’s important to maintain proper airflow not only for the roofing material, but also from under the roof deck.  Most roof materials need to work properly with the designed roof ventilation system. Maintaining proper ventilation can add years to a roof and keep the home coo and dry.

While all roofing materials require specific techniques and know-how like shingles, not all contractors are aware of everything to consider on each and every building.  Our trained contractors have spent decades in the industry and are continually learning new tips and tricks of the trade as technology changes.

If your home or business is in need of a new roof, or even a repair, let us be the first to take a look to make sure your roof investment is protected for years to come.  Check us out of Facebook or call us at  970-778-9574