Whether you’re buying a new building, constructing a new one, or just need a repair, we can review the situation and offer suggestions for the best possible solution.

The roof of a building tends to be out of sight and out of mind.  Yet it’s arguably the most important part of a home.  It protects everything underneath it from the harsh weather.  Leaks can go unnoticed for years until they finally rot a home from the inside out.

Typically home inspectors have too much to look at to really inspect a roof the way it should be.  We specialize in roofs and work on them everyday!  Bottom line is we know what to look for and how to address even small repairs that can save a building or home from thousands of dollars of damage.  We can even identify issues for customers before they commit to buying a home that may have hidden damage.

Even when building a new home or business building it’s good to consult with a roofing professional.  Architects are trained to understand the science and physics behind construction, but there are many things that can only be learned with hands on experience.  Our consultations are free!  And if we need to help with a design we are happy to do it for little to no cost when combined with our construction services.

The bottom line is when considering buying, building, or repairing a home in the North Fork valley of Colorado let us know!  We serve every major town from Grand Junction to Crawford!