There are so many problems that can happen with your roof if you do not maintain your roof and
have regular maintenance done when things arise. No matter what type of roof you have you
should regularly have a roofing contractor come out and take a look to ensure your roof is intact
and doing its job.

Having a leak is one of the most common problems that people deal with. As time passes
shingles even sturdy and well-built roof shingles will start to wear down. If you get a leak and
water gets into your house it will cause mold and mildew. If you have a leak it’s important to get
it repaired as quickly as you can.

Loose Shingles
Wind and severe weather can cause your shingles to become loose. It’s probably something
hard for a homeowner to see for themselves. So if you’ve had bad weather you should hire a
contractor to come out and check to make sure everything is still intact and if not they will be
able to nail them or adhere them back down accordingly.

Holes in the roof are another really common problem that homeowners have. Holes can be
created a number of ways including debris from storms or high winds or they can just come from
normal wear and tear. Holes will cause leaks or even uninvited small animals and insects into
your home.

Standing water
Having standing water on your roof can cause your roof to become weak. These usually happen
when you have a low area on your roof. Having pools of standing water can cause moisture to
seep in over time and cause a leak in the future.