CertainTeed products undergo a stringent combination of quality tests to ensure that each of the more than 300 products they create meet or exceed industry standards. For instance, the ridge vent system the company produces is low-profile and lets the air move better than many of the vents on the market. These systems prevent mold and mildew growth and reduce the heat that builds up from the sun from overheating attics and crawlspaces.

The Landmark line of CertainTeed shingles is a laminate shingle that has the character and appearance of Cedar shake. With a diverse variety of colors, home and business owners can choose a design that matches the architecture of the structure. Patriot Shingles use a multiple color pattern to create a three-dimensional feel to a single layer of shingles adding style and appeal to the roof.

CertainTeed uses software programs to help property owners figure out what style and color work best for the building. The ColorView system lets users change trim and shingle colors to see which hues match the style and design of the structure. The trademark Trim-It system shows how each piece of trim accents the building and lets the user pick different styles to try. The attention to detail and high-quality products are just two of the biggest reasons why residential and commercial property owners choose to use CertainTeed shingles for roofs.