The use of metal for roofing is ideal since it’s capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. In this way, the type of fasteners used influences the quality and performance of your roof metal. Most individuals opt for exposed roof fasteners since they are inexpensive and straightforward to install.
When using exposed roof fasteners, experts drive self, tapping screws through the metal. This is primarily to ensure there are no instances of pre-drilled holes for the crews. Additionally, it ensures the screws themselves will puncture the metal roof and the underneath deck. It is crucial to note that each faster is fitted with a gasket. This is to ensure that there is no case of meat-on-metal contact to prevent water leak.
If properly installed, these gaskets are protected with an umbrella washer to ensure there is no water leak. To be on the safe side, it is imperative to survey the roofing and replace the worn-out gaskets to prevent water leak.
When choosing exposed roof fasteners, it is crucial to observe their thickness. Ensure the exposed fastener is capable of drilling the through the roofing material without any damage. Furthermore, it is intelligent if you are aware of the metal gauge panel. This helps you to accurately establish the diameter of the fastener head.
The drawback of exposed fasteners is they demand attention and have high maintenance costs. Likewise, they easily attract water leak.