The cost of roofing depends on the types of roof you want, geographical location, choice of shingles, and the contractor you opt for. For most firms, the cost of installation varies from $3 to $8 per installed square foot. Thus, if you include the accurate measurement of your roof, you are in a position to calculate the entire cost.
The price of roofing mostly varies from the contractor than the geographical aspect. Some contractors will offer you an extremely low budget due to lack of experience or lack of accreditation. The cost of roofing should be of an average cost.
The contracting company has to include the overhead costs when calculating the cost. These overhead costs include labor and material costs. According to most companies, the labor costs account to 60% while the material can range from 30% to 40%.
On top of that, they have to calculate their profit. Of course, the aim of every business is to maximize their profits. This is where the discrepancies between firms occur. Some companies offer the almost the same services but at outrageous prices. Essentially, this is attributed to the profit.
The quality of services offered is a key determinant of the cost of roofing. For instance, if you opt to repair your roof, the price is quite lower than installing new ones. With repair, there are some materials that you don’t need to buy.
As indicated, the cost of roofing ultimately depends on the quality you intend and the type of contractor.