It’s durable, environmentally friendly, has an extremely long lifespan and will look great on your house. Slate is a great choice for Paonia houses, but there’s more to consider before installing the first tile.

Slate Tile Options
Each variety of slate has the same basic sedimentary rock composition, which is compressed, hardened layers of either clay or volcanic ash. However, there is variety in color, density, purity and how long it lasts.

Slate comes in red, black, green, gray and purple, as well as a combination blue-gray color. The color depends on the quarry location, and different mines produce slate with different lifespans. For instance, Pennsylvania slate is black and blue-gray. Some of it has a ribbon stripe, the result of iron, quartz, calcite and carbon in the sediment. This ribbon reduces the purity of the slate and its longevity. Slate with ribbons have the shortest slate lifespan of 75 to 90 years. Purer slate has longevity between 100 and 200 years.

Making the Right Choice
Other choices to consider for a slate roof include style and weathering or non-weathering options. But, you don’t need to know every detail about this roofing material. A roofing professional can explain the pros and cons so you know what you’re getting. And, a pro roofer can also help you with other roofing options, if you decide to put another roofing material on your dwelling.