Roofing Basics

From houses to sheds, every building has its own unique roof. While there are many combinations of the two, the materials and the styles have their own functions.

There are over a dozen different roof styles used both today. Some of the most common styles include the Gable, the upside-down V-shaped used most commonly in houses, the Hip, a difficult to construct roof that is more durable than the Gable, the Flat, the most common commercially used roof, and the Gambrel, or more commonly known as the ‘barn roof’ since it’s mostly used for barns. Some roofs are styled as hybrids, like the Dutch Hip Roof, a basic combination of a Hip roof and the Gable.

Roofing materials vary, and each has their own purpose as well. Like the roof styles, the climate might affect the materials. Asphalt shingles are the most common in the US but vary in quality and price. Slate Shingles are thin and made from sedimentary rock. Metal roofing is also common and can be made from tin, steel, copper, and aluminum. Tile, traditionally made from clay, can be expensive depending on the material which can consist of metal concrete and slate.

These are only a few of the many options. Many don’t realize how many roof types there are or the different materials used in all of them.