At Benchmark Roofing, we recognize that some home and business owners in the region put off roof maintenance, repair and installation projects until absolutely necessary or after an emergency man-made or natural event because of tight budgets and more pressing financial concerns. Senior citizens and former military personnel often face the greatest struggle when trying to stay up-to-date in this area because of limited financial resources during retirement. Yet, any type of roof damage or other maintenance issue like deteriorating or missing materials, rain leaks and moisture, mold colonies and various pests will inevitably lead to expensive repair and replacement costs. Additionally, some insurance companies increase insurance coverage premiums or drop policies when home and business owners fail to keep their roofs in excellent condition because of fire and property code issues or safety concerns.

With these many considerations in mind, we decided to offer our professional services at a discounted price to both seniors and VFW veterans. You have done so much for us as mentors and leaders. We are proud to be able to give back to those most in need so that they can always keep a roof overhead that is guaranteed to provide them and their loved ones and guests with shelter no matter what type of storm they face. You can remain confident that you have done everything possible to make your home or business safe from above. Contact our team of professionals today to find out more information about these amazing discount offers.