Standing seam metal roofing gets its name from its description, which is metal roofing with seams elevated above roof level. Manufactured in long panels, the material is attached to the underlayment with fasteners. These fasteners are concealed under the panels. Each panel has seams on each side, which are crimped together with the adjacent panel to seal joints. This keeps the elements out, and the design also prevents standing water on the rooftop, a problem that often leads to leakage.

• Seams are the weakest point of a roofing system because that’s where moisture could get inside. By placing seams higher than water level, the potential for moisture gaining entry is reduced.
• Metal panels run from the roof ridge to the eaves, which means there are no horizontal seams. Fewer seams reduces potential entry points for moisture.
• Durable and long lasting, standing seem roof systems last 30 to 50 years with proper maintenance.
• Available in multiple colors, this materials offers smooth, straight lines that look modern.
• Metal roofing helps prevent solar heat from getting inside the structure.

• Not all roofers install standing seam or install it properly, so it might require a bit of research to choose the right roofing company.
• Standing seam does not work for flat roofs.
• It typically costs more than traditional shingles, but because of metal’s long life span, the costs may balance out over time.