What Are Slate Roofing Materials?

Long before there were man-made roofing materials, homeowners used natural materials on their rooftops. It is possible for technicians to break slate into thin layers along the grain or cleavage of the rock to make a durable item that they can install on a building’s rooftop. A slate roof has a timeless appearance, and this roofing material will last for 50 to 200 years, depending on the hardness of the thin layers of slate.

Proper Installation

In the past, slate roofs leaked because the materials were installed without waterproof layers, but today, technicians use these materials first before placing slate tiles on top. If you have a building that has old-fashioned slate that doesn’t have waterproofing and insulating layers, then you can have these materials added by a knowledgeable roofer. The technician can remove the slates before installing the modern materials, and after the insulating or waterproofing layers are installed, the roofer can replace the slate tiles.

Slate Creates Architectural Interest

The cost of using slate tiles for a rooftop is significantly higher because the materials are mined and processed in certain locations of the world. The installation of a slate roof is also a specialized skill that requires hiring highly trained roofers. However, a slate roof is appropriate for particular varieties of historical buildings to create the right type of architectural interest.