We are proud to serve Delta Colorado and all it’s roofing needs. As the junction of 2 main highways in
Colorado, many folks find their home in Delta. The construction industry is thriving and Benchmark
Roofing continues to offer superior roofing services to it’s residents. One of the exciting differences we
notice with our Delta customers, compared to those in some of the mountain towns like Crawford,
Paonia, and Hotchkiss, is the popularity of tile roofs.

Tile roofing offers unmatched longevity and insulation against the harsh summer suns that descend on
the area. The installation can be difficult, but with the help of an experience contractor, it offers years
of beauty and safety for a home.

While this type of roofing is growing in popularity, we still mostly use shingles. We offer many different
types of shingles and they can be applied on virtually any type of roof. Need shingle repairs? We do
those too! Sometime a quick shingle repair can save thousands of dollars of damage to a home. Call us
today to schedule a free consultation!