Crawford Colorado is a beautiful place to live! Most homes offer stunning views of the mountains as
well as hay meadows and the valley to the west. The location is also subject to a large variety of
weather conditions. And homes are not always prepared for the worst when it comes to the roofing.
The roof is the first defense of the home and our job is to help customer protect it.
The most popular roof type in Crawford is metal. We have installed hundreds of metal roofs in the area
and many of them have been successfully protecting their homes for more than 20 years. They are
durable, weather tight, and aesthetically pleasing. Metal roofing can be a little harder to install than
some other types of roofing material so it’s critical that a professional does the installation.
We also install lots of shingle roofs in the area. Shingles are typically less expensive than metal and
are easier to install in many ways. If done right, a shingle roof can also last many years and protect a
home from anything nature throws at it.