Copper roofs look stunning on commercial and residential buildings. When they are polished and kept up nicely, the sunshine on the roof can be an amazing sight. If you want your new roof to be beautiful and durable, copper roofing might be perfect for your home remodeling project. Copper has a metallic shine, and it can stay in pristine condition for several years. There are also several copper roofing accessories. You can add copper lightning rods and copper weather vanes to your roof. Besides the aesthetics, copper is an environmentally friendly material. A copper roof can keep your home cool in the summer. Copper shingles reflect heat.

Durable and Environmentally Friendly
Most copper roofing materials are made from recycled material. Unlike asphalt roofs, copper roofs can be recycled if the roof is ever replaced. The valuable material does not have to be destroyed in a landfill. Copper is a thin material. When you are installing a new roof, you can place the copper tiles over the copper sheeting. Since the old roof does not have to be demolished, the new roof can be installed fairly quickly.

All buildings need a sturdy roof. Your copper roof will be a great investment. A well-maintained copper roof can stay in excellent condition for a century or longer.