Where Is the Soffit and Fascia Located On a Building?

When you are having a roof repaired on a residential or commercial structure, it is important to hire a company with technicians who understand how to complete soffit and fascia repairs. Soffit materials are located underneath the eaves of the roof, and these structures become degraded from moisture, insect or wind damage. In addition, the fascia materials that are located at the end of the rafters will also decay.

Hire Knowledgeable Roofers

Roofing contractors have the bucket trucks and extension ladders that are necessary for reaching the damaged soffit and fascia to inspect, repair or replace the materials. In most cases, these materials require replacement when a new roof is installed. However, it is possible for soffit and fascia to have damage from a building fire or from insect infestation while the rest of the roofing materials are in good condition.

Have an Attractive Building With New Soffit and Fascia

Having high-quality soffit and fascia can protect your rooftop or underlying building materials, and these materials also prevent the loss of climate-controlled air. Soffit and fascia may have ventilation holes to ensure that fresh air circulates inside a building’s attic to prevent condensation that can lead to mold and rotting materials. In addition to providing these functions, the soffit and fascia can make a home or business look more attractive.