Prevent Property Damage With Lightning Rods and Rooftop Safety Devices

When you want to replace or repair a roof on a home or business, it is possible to add a variety of devices such as lightning rods or safety systems. In some geographic regions, lightning strikes are a common occurrence, leading to a structural fire or a disruption of a building’s electrical system. A lightning rod is a long metal device that will divert dangerous electrical energy to another area, protecting a building from damage.

Prevent Falls From a Flat Rooftop With Customized Guardrails

A knowledgeable roofer can also install other types of devices on a residential or commercial rooftop, including guardrails on flat roofs that help to prevent falls or fire sprinklers that can prevent damage during a wildfire. Not only do you want lightning rods and safety systems that are fully functional, but also, you want the items to look attractive.

Avoid Rooftop Damage From an Accumulation Of Heavy Ice or Snow

If a building has a rooftop with skylights, then you will want to have drainage systems that will help snowmelt or rainwater to run off the devices to avoid damage that can lead to moisture leaks. When you live in an area that has frequent snowstorms, you must prevent rooftop damage from the weight of the snow by having devices installed that prevent dangerous ice dams.